Notch is a minor antagonist in Five Nights at Herobrine's. He doesn't seem to do something with the plot though. Also known as Glitch, The Creator, or Static Man or just Static, he doesn't effect the player


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Notch (in his Static appearance) is a distorted minecraft player body with a Notch skin. He has grayscale pants,  a lighter gray-scale coloured torso, pink-ish arms and half of the head, and a left blue eye.

While looking at him in the static, it will reveal that he is standing by the Herobrine Spawner. It is unknown why this is.

In his full body from, he appears to change texture or skin in different situations.


If the player checks the Mine-Cam, they might see the Notch Static in any camera. Pulling down the Mine-Cam will trigger Notch inside the Bedroom. He will not do anything but give the player Blindness.


Since Notch will give the player Blindness, he will make the player not see anything. Even the Clock and the Mine-Cam button is not visible. The game mechanics are also not useable making the game mechanisms useless. This also makes Herobrine go into the Bedroom easier since the Herobrine Spawner Lock can't be in use.

To avoid this, repeat these steps:

  1. If you run into the Notch Static, switch to a Cam immediately or else the Mine-Cam will fade away by itself.


  • Notch Static as seen when a player views every cam.
  • Notch in the Office.
  • A pop up when Notch Blinds you.
  • A pop up text that flashes on the screen while your blind.
  • An unused image of Notch in the Audio Room.