The Juke Box is a vital game mechanism in Five Nights at Herobrine's. It has an ability to distract ghosts from a distance away.


  • Distracts ghosts (except for Herobrine)
  • Makes the player put in any disc
  • Plays Cat
  • Plays Blocks
  • Plays Far
  • Plays Strad
  • Plays Mellohi
  • Plays Ward
  • Plays Chirp
  • Plays Disc 11
  • Plays Disc 13
  • Plays Stal
  • Plays Mall
  • Plays Where are we now ("Wait," as named in the current versions of Minecraft except for the console versions.)


  • Doesn't make the player put in a disc while another disc is playing.
  • Doesn't distract Herobrine
  • Stops playing if the player is jumpscared
  • Doesn't distract Alex while she is in the Bedroom
  • Freezes the music if the player checks on another cam except for the Audio Room


  • A tutorial caption telling the player how to insert a disc
  • A collection of discs that makes the player choose a disc.