Herobrine is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Herobrine'sHe is the most unique antagonist of the game. He will start at the Herobrine Spawner. He will only roam around the house if the player fails to lock the Herobrine Spawner with the Herobrine Spawner Lock.



Herobrine is a inverted and white eyed version of Steve. He has a cubic head with a dark-brown beared and hair with. He also has white eyes. He wears a cyan shirt, dark slate blue pants, and wears dark-gray shoes.

In his jumpscare, he has a orange tint all over his body with blood flowing around his arms, neck, legs, torso, feet, and hands.

Whenever when he is in a dark place, he has white-rectangular glowing eyes.


Herobrine doesn't seen to do that much in the game. Instead, he will wait for the player to fail locking up the Herobrine Spawner.  Whenever when a player accomplishes each night, the Herobrine Spawner Lock will unlock its self faster. Once the player fails using the Herobrine Spawner Lock, Herobrine will go away from the Herobrine Spawner. He will then go into the Bedroom to jumpscare the player.​


  • Taking a closer look at the first frame of the Herobrine hallucination, one will see a freeze frame of Herobrine's jumpscare.


Throughout Gameplay

  • Herobrine out of his spawner getting ready to strike.
  • Herobrine close to the camera about to go into the Bedroom.
  • Herobrine's Jumpscare. Note: in the game, he will actually kill you unlike the other ghosts.

As an hallucination

Unused images


  • Herobrine's mugshot from Custom Night. This is also seen in his hallucination
  • A flying herobrine project that is seen when Herobrine jumpscares the player or seen while in his hallucination.
  • Another frame of his hallucination unedited.
  • The last frame of Herobrine's hallucination unedited.