Alex is one of the main four antagonists of Five Nights at Herobrine's. She is a ghost that roams around The House.


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She is a half grayscale ghost with red-orange hair. She wears a short sleeved gray shirt with a black belt around the waist, dark gray pants with dark gray boots, and black eyes. 

Unlike the other ghost, she has a 3-D tint on her. This could be a reference to Carrie Krueger from a kids cartoon show called, The Amazing World of Gumball as they both have a 3-D tint.


Like the other antagonists, Alex is a unique character in the game because she starts behind the window by the Kitchen. After this, she will then head towards to the Living Room, then into the Ladder Entrance , and last head towards to the ladder entrance. She will then go into the Bedroom if the player fails to watch Alex for a long time while she is in the Ladder Entrance.


Alex will laugh throughout gameplay while she is in the Ladder Entrance. She will seem to laugh whenever she moves. Kind of like Freddy Fazbear from the original Five Nights at Freddy's , she will laugh in one location (Ladder Entrance). If the player fails to watch Alex while in the Ladder Entrance for a long amount of time, she will then go into the Bedroom and stay there. If the player pulls up the Mine-Cam while Alex is in the Bedroom, she will immediately jumpscare the player without ending your night. After her jumpscare, everything (even the Mine-Cam) will be disabled making Herobrine make his way to you.


  • The game seems to be a bit unfair because Alex is the only female antagonist in Five Nights at Herobrine's.
  • Alex is most likely based on Carrie Krueger from The Amazing World of Gumball because they're both female ghost and they both have a 3-D tint.
  • Alex also has a connection from Phantom Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 3 because they are both a ghost/phantom and have jumpscares that doesn't end the player's night.
    • Not to say that once again, they're both female antagonists.